Sylla Karamba Naby: I want all our customers from Africa or elsewhere to play in Europe

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The «Soccer Star Management» football agency is one of the best in Europe. Agency customers play in many major clubs and are very ascertain about their game.
We met Mr. Sylla Karamba Naby, head of the scouting department of Soccer Star Management for African countries, who told us about his activities.

— Tell our readers about your activities?

— The main directive of our activity is to provide agency services to football players and football clubs. We approach the situation of each client individually. Our specialists always try to understand exactly what the customer needs, and they can advise you on how to act in each situation and what to look for when choosing a club.

My own business is not only to search for players, but also to analyze their data, identify capabilities, advise a client on issues of concern and take action to address them. I am open to each of our clients and I am ready to help anyone who turns to me for help.

— What goals did you set when you decided to engage in this activity?

— I have one goal: to help the players, to open the way to football for African youth and elsewhere. Good path for them, no holes or bumps.

There are a lot of talented guys who need help to open up, give a push, define a movement vector so that they can fully realize their potential.

— Which category of clients do you work with?

— We have several vectors of activity. Two of them are basic. They are football players and football clubs. I study the African football market in detail and help the best players.

— What qualities do you evaluate when choosing potential customers?

— The greatest of qualities on which relationships are built is honesty. I am always suspicious when I understand that the player asking for help is lying to me. There is no trust for such a person, and if there is none, cooperation will not work.

— Which are the most frequently asked players looking for help looking for the club?

— There is a list of frequently asked questions. They are pretty much the same for those who really need an agent. First, ask what services we provide? Second, what are the prospects for career development and what can we offer? Third, what is needed for cooperation. These are the main questions of the guys.

— What are your plans for the agency in the near future?

— The main plan is development. Attract new customers, sign contracts, open new offices, for the convenience of working with us, sign partnership contracts with clubs in Africa especially. It is the development of all our activities.

— Which of your African clients has the highest hopes?

— I hope for every customer from any African country. Football in Africa is the number one sport. Take, for example, Togo, one of the smallest African countries by its size, so that there are even talents who have clearly declared themselves in European football. What to talk about Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, Congo, Morocco … where many talented guys can clearly express themselves in European clubs. I will do anything to help everyone with the guys who are turning to me for help.

— Which countries and which clubs are you targeting?

— My plans are maximum. I want the guys to play in Europe and glorify our agency out loud.

— What do you want readers at the end of our conversation?

— Read, collect information. Analyze and draw the right conclusions. To help you find a club, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of professionals and can provide you with professional assistance in all areas. We are open to everyone and we will be happy to see you in our ranks!


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